Properties of Vamber U-PVC Sewerage Pipes & Fittings;


Wide product range: offers a compete system to different types of projects.

High chemical resistance: can be used safely to transport various types of liquids with aggressive compositions.

Resistance up to 60oC: gives the possibility to use not only in residential buildings but also in different types of installations such as laboratories factories and other industrial projects.

Easy to handle and install: push-fit jointing system saves time and minimizes labour costs

Value for money:efficiently adopted economies of scale's competitiveness is reflected to our client.

Corrosion free: unlike other metal sewerage systems Vamber U-PVC Sewerage Pipes and Fittings do not react with the metal ions inside the transported liquids.

Smooth internal surface: even the most sticky wastes are discharged very fast due to smooth internal surface of Vamber U-PVC Sewerage Pipes and Fittings.

Sound proof:the wall thickness of Vamber U-PVC Sewerage Pipes and Fittings are set to their upper limit allowed by DIN standards; this feature, which minimizes the sound transmission, ensures quiet environments to the householders.

Long service life:Vamber U-PVC Sewerage Pipes and Fittings can be used safely for decades without any maintenance.

Aesthetics:outer protective coating of Vamber U-PVC Sewerage Pipes and Fittings provides a long lasting glossy and pleasant look even for the exposed installations.

Due to their highly UV and impact resistant structure, Vamber U-PVC Sewerage Pipes and Fittings do not require maintenance for many years even for outdoor installations. 

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